Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Famous Last Words...

Does anyone remember me boldly stating that I would update my blog again "within the month" back in March? And then did anyone notice that in April, I started a blog, accidentally published it without a single word written, and then realized it 3 weeks later and deleted it? And now, please take note that I AM acknowledging the fact that I almost didn't blog within the FOLLOWING month either? Well folks, I have exactly 33 minutes to at least blog within the month following the month I originally said I would blog next...

And as promised from my last post, today is all about Miss Hopey's 4th birthday!!! And what better way to celebrate a 4th birthday than by having no less than 4 parties????? I certainly can't think of any!!!!! So, without further ado, I present to you in pictures, Hopey's 4th birthday!!!! :) 

And this is the exact moment we knew that Ikey was all partied out. This is what he does every time he starts getting bored in a situation...He puts his head on the ground, and attempts a forward roll until A.) he makes it over or B.) he hurts himself. Poor boy, it was a long couple of days!! :)  

Well goodness sakes, it took so long to upload pictures that this will officially be posted on May 1st... High fives everybody, I'll keep trying harder!!! :)


Gramma said...

CUTE! CUTE!! CUTE!!! Yeah Faith, you haven't had anything to do. I can't imagine why it took you so long to blog. TEE HEE! It was a fun birhthday for sure. Love that little doll.
Hugs and Kisses,

LaYteBlooMers / RoseberryDesigns said...

theres always so much cuteness in your blogs even though you're working on them being more frequent- i still gush over them ALL the same. Cannot wait for the next one! hugs and lovens.